Alice's Fresh Pasta Garlic

Alice’s Fresh Pasta

A good meal brings us together,
nourishes our bodies and soothes our souls.
Our meals are carefully crafted from treasured recipes,
harvesting ingredients often from our garden and local farmers.
Indulge your family in our small batch offerings
of pasta noodles, soups, sauces and gourmet nuts.
pasta and tomatoes and spices

Gather Family & Friends
With Our Fresh Gourmet Pasta


Perfect for dinner parties or a quiet night in,
our fresh pasta does not disappoint.
Easy for you to prepare at home, fresh pasta noodles
are light with subtle flavour.
We make it weekly using unbleached,
Canadian, non-GMO flour and whole eggs.

Our pasta is crafted with care in a variety of shapes.
Choose from spaghetti, angel hair, fettucine, tagliatelle,
spaghettoni, rigatoni, pappardelle and lasagna noodles.

In addition to the traditional white and whole wheat flour pasta,
we offer flavours of lemon pepper, spinach and roasted garlic with chive.
Enjoy our rainbow pasta, a blend of spinach, white and tomato.
If you are wheat-sensitive, we make a
chickpea based linguini and lasagna sheet.

A Delicious Meal Is So Easy With Alice’s Fresh Pasta

Take The Night Off
With Our Delicious Prepared Meals


We fuss so that you don’t have to.
All our meals are made with fresh ingredients,
sourced locally where ever possible.
Treat yourself and your guests to an easy dinner tonight.
We offer homemade soups, sauces and hearty entrees.

Discover Our Selection Of Prepared Meals

Soup’s On

Warm up with our small-batch borscht, chicken noodle and butternut squash soups.
It doesn’t get any easier: take home, heat and serve.
Available in 16oz. portions (about 2 servings).



Roasted local chicken and stock made from scratch
ensures a comforting flavour for what ails you.



Vegan friendly classic. Made with
sweet cabbage and beets from local growers.



Warm spices and a touch of coconut milk
add to the smoothness of this super food soup.

Homemade Meals All Ready For You


The World’s Best Mac & Cheese, luxurious pasta sauce,
vegetarian entrees and our own specially blended pesto.


Alice's Fresh Pasta Beef Stew


Slow simmered tender & hearty,
plenty of veggies & beef in rich gravy.



Spinach rigatoni smothered in a
sharp cheddar cheese sauce.



Slow simmered local beef in a blend
of home grown herbs and spices.


Alice's Spaghetti & Meatballs


Handmade meatballs, marinara sauce
with mozzarella & parmesan.

Our Gourmet Nuts
Are Deliciously Addictive


Our Gourmet Nuts are great to munch,
but they also elevate your salad and ice cream
to a whole new level of delicious.
Try our pecan, peanut and chickpea varieties.

Choose Your Favourite Flavour


Honey Roasted Pecans Maple


Pecans, honey and pure maple syrup
Available in 65g and 130g


Honey Roasted Pecans Cayenne


Spice it up with honey and cayenne pepper
Available in 65g and 130g


Honey Roasted Pecans Chili


Pecans, honey, brown sugar & chili powder
Available in 65g and 130g


Roasted Chickpeas


Roasted in Olive Oil with lime juice & spices
Available in 75g


Frank's Red Hot Peanuts


Olive oil, sea salt and the popular hot sauce
Available in 75g and 150g


Perfect Storm Peanuts


Features the oatmeal stout of Townsite Brewery
Available in 75g and 150g

Cool Off With Our Homemade
Raspberry Lemonade


Our refreshing Raspberry Lemonade is made with
local berries into a concentrated syrup
perfect for you to enjoy at home.
We also offer a Special Event Lemonade Stand
rental package for your upcoming summer event.

Refreshing Four Ways

Enjoy our Raspberry Lemonade with these easy recipes

Big Thirst


1-part concentrate to 4-parts water
Mix in an 11 litre container:
1.5 litre concentrate
7.5 litre cold water
large ice block
(tip: freeze water in tupperware container)

Lemonade Cocktail


1 oz concentrate
1 oz gin or vodka
3 oz water

Serve over ice.

Secret Garden Cocktail


1 oz concentrate
1 oz triple sec
5 oz soda water
1/4 tsp rose water

Serve over ice.

Sunny Margarita


1 cup concentrate
2 cups ice cubes
1 cup water
1 tbsp lime juice
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp salt
2 oz tequila

Blend and serve.

We Would Love To Hear
From You

Please contact us with any questions, feedback
or to order a copy of our wholesale price list.

Call Us: 604-344-1992

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